College Readiness

Four Elements of College Readiness

Student success in college and career must extend far beyond college acceptance. At Summit, we focus on helping students to develop in four areas that form the foundation for a lifetime of success.

Cognitive Skills

Developing the deeper learning, critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in today and tomorrow’s workforce.

Content Knowledge

Engaging students in personalized learning, filling learning gaps & moving students towards competency in all subject-areas.


Immersing students in real-world experiences to help them discover and explore passions and careers, and apply their learning in authentic ways.

Habits of Success

Empowering students to engage in self-directed learning and develop key habits that are invaluable for college and life success.

Summit Tahoma College Pathway


Summit Tahoma is supported by the Summit Public Schools Director of College Readiness. The team continuously update with college application and financial aid information. Check it out!