Our Mission Prepares Students for Success

The Mission at a Summit Public School is to prepare a diverse student population for success in college and to be thoughtful, contributing members of society.

Our Values Focus Everything We Do

The Values of a Summit Public School stated as Core Characteristics are what faculty and parents strive to model, and that we use as guidelines to set standards of behavior that we expect from ourselves, parents, students and our community partners:
  • Compassion – Caring and feeling responsible for the success and concerns of others; we “Leave no Thunderbird behind.”
  • Courage  –  Making hard choices when it matters; standing up for our beliefs and taking thoughtful risks.
  • Curiosity –  Questioning, examining and challenging with an open heart and mind.
  • Integrity – Doing the right thing even when nobody is watching; telling the truth for the good of the community.
  • Respect – Valuing and recognizing the unique gifts and abilities of others as well as our own. 
  • Responsibility – Following through on our commitments and obligations, and accepting the consequences of our actions.

The Non-Negotiable Principles of a Summit Public School:
High-performing teachers
High-performing teachers in every classroom, every period, every day fulfill our mission of college success for every student.
Everyone is capable of graduating “college ready”
100% of Summit Tahoma graduates have been accepted to four-year colleges.
No "tracking" system
All students have every door open to them upon graduation from high school; that’s our commitment and we teach all students on the same college-level track.
Heterogeneous student demographics & population
The integrated school environment we provide mirrors our complex world, and deepens both academic and social learning.
Physically and emotionally safe
Learning happens only when our community members first feel physically and emotionally safe. We are accountable for all aspects of providing and maintaining a safe culture and environment.
Every student is known
Pushing students to their academic limits requires genuine, trusting relationship that thrive in transparent environments. We and our students know and respect each other.
Character education counts
Academic education plus character equals success, and we propel student success by vigorously developing both learning and character development.
Principle vs. Rules based
We work hard to create and maintain a high trust community. Through our Core Characteristics, we commit ourselves to having ‘Teachable Moment’ conversations with students to support them and ourselves to consistently live up to these values.
Do more with less
We believe that public education can be great even when public funds are limited.  We are committed to running an incredible school at or near, traditional public school funding levels.