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Mid-Year Goals

posted Dec 14, 2015, 2:17 PM by Jonathan Stewart   [ updated Dec 14, 2015, 2:17 PM ]

This is our last week of the semester!  Teachers and students have been working hard to successfully complete projects and pass content assessments.  While Summit awards year-long grades for courses, this midyear point is a key marker of progress.  Students should be ahead of the line on the PLP Tool and turn in projects on their due dates to ensure they successfully complete the year and advance to the next grade.  An "Incomplete" on the PLP Tool means the student is currently failing the course and is not on track to complete the school year with a passing grade.  Work that will be counted for the first semester is due Friday, December 18th.

During the two weeks of winter break, while families should enjoy time together and students should return refreshed, it’s important for most students to spend 8-10 hours per week on academic work.  Our teachers and mentors are helping students plan their work for that time.  This might include:

       o   Submitting overdue projects or revising projects, especially those projects that don’t yet have passing scores
       o   Completing content playlists and preparing to take content assessments when school resumes on Tuesday, January 5th
       o    Reading and practicing math.  Both our online reading platforms (Curriculet and ReadingPlus) as well as our math platform (Khan Academy) are accessible from home  

If families have questions about student work priorities, please contact your child's mentor directly.  (The office can provide you their contact information if needed.)

To keep motivation high, this is Spirit Week at Tahoma!
     Monday: PJs 
     Tuesday: Decade Day: Seniors - 80s, Juniors - 60s, Sophomores - 50s, Freshmen - 20s 
     Wednesday: Flannel 
     Thursday: Mentor Group Day (dress up with your mentor group)
     Friday: Holiday Wear (ugly sweaters and Santa hats encouraged)

This Friday Tahoma will celebrate the end of the semester with student awards, holiday crafts, games, and holiday movies.   From all of us at Tahoma:We wish you a season filled with joy and light!  Here's to a successful end of the semester and an even better second semester!