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Investigating Real-world Problems

posted Nov 14, 2016, 2:48 PM by Jonathan Stewart   [ updated Nov 14, 2016, 2:48 PM ]


Investigating social media and teens: crafting an argument and integrating evidence in Journalism class

We just completed our second round of Expeditions.  As with regular courses, Expeditions courses challenge students to apply cognitive skills to real-world projects.  In Journalism class, students explore questions like "What is the role of media in a democracy?" and "Where can I find untold stories?".  The projects help students learn skills for the 21st century - leading them to promising careers and to fulfill their responsibility as contributors to society.

In their most recent Journalism project, Alex and Nataly investigated how social media affects teens.  They read online research including a report from researchers at UCLA, and they surveyed other students.  “A lot of teens use social media,” they said.  “Some feel like it’s an escape.  Other kids feel that it’s something that can mess up their day.”  Journalistic writing is much different than writing for English class, they said.  “It has to be short and to the point.”  They also said this class helped them to more objectively watch media coverage of the recent presidential campaign.  

On another note, as Thanksgiving approaches we want to express our gratitude to our entire school community - for helping to prepare a diverse group of learners for college, for helping to uplift our community, and for your collaboration in making our school community a vibrant place.  We wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.