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Academic Progress

posted Nov 16, 2015, 5:38 PM by Jonathan Stewart   [ updated Nov 16, 2015, 5:38 PM ]
Have you sat together at home to review your child's academic progress lately?  The path to college is a team effort.  A simple and effective way to help your child track their progress is through the online PLP (Personalized Learning Plan), which guides students and helps them own their own learning.  This PLP Training presentation provides a helpful guide for accessing the PLP.  We encourage all families to regularly log in to the PLP with their child and discuss their progress.  Discuss how your child can take advantage of our week-long Thanksgiving break to make progress.

The end of the first semester is Friday, December 18 - then winter break begins.  All students should aim to be on track by that time.  Thanksgiving break is a great time for students to make up work. Please ensure that your students are working at home every night and over the break!  This is especially important for our college seniors.  While Summit has a year-long grading system, colleges request mid-year grade reports for seniors after the first semester. This means that seniors need to be passing their courses by the time they leave for winter break so that colleges receive a positive mid-year report that helps, and does not negatively impact, their chances of admission.  Twelfth grade families: look for a mid-year progress report in your mail later this week.

Together, we can ensure each Thunderbird is prepared for college!