Academic Progress • Aug 27, 2017

Academic Progress • Aug 27, 2017

Dear Families,

As of last Friday, almost all Tahoma students completed at least one Power Focus Area – great job!  To keep the momentum going, we want to share upcoming dates related to academic progress.

Back to School Night is Thursday, September 7 from 6:30-7:30 PM.  All families should attend.  We’ll begin in mentor rooms at 6:30 PM.  Please arrive on time.  9th-11th grades will begin with an interactive session to help families review their student’s Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) on the Summit Learning Platform.  12th grade will begin with a look ahead to the college application process.  From 7:00-7:30, families can visit other teachers’ classrooms.

On Friday, September 22 and Saturday, September 23, we’ll hold PLP Meetings with each student, their parent(s), and their mentor – which are like parent-teacher conferences.  Please schedule with your mentor.

For new parents, logins to the Summit Learning Platform are coming soon!  You’ll be able to view your child’s PLP and academic progress.  Every week you should sit down with your child and review their PLP together.

We’ll mail home student progress reports on Wednesday, October 4.

Keep up the good work, students!

For the Thunderbirds!

Mr. Stewart & Ms. Toyama